2014 California Breastfeeding Summit

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New Lactation Job at UCI

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Save the Date: November 13, 2014

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Mark your calendars.  We will be hosting another really great day-long workshop on an important breastfeeding topic.   We will be providing Cerps and CEUs.


Stay tuned for more updates!

Eventbrite - Stretching the Envelope: Novel Practices in Lactation Care


Safe Infant Sleep Conference March 2015

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Breastfeeding Support Hotline

Our Breastfeeding Support Hotline is now open for business!  Click on the phone to learn more!

Call All Week Between 5pm to 10pm (714) 869-1402

Welcome To The OC Breastfeeding Coalition!

The OCBFC Is The Only Non-Profit Multi-Disciplinary Breastfeeding Organization Orange County, California!

The OCBFC was established in 1997 through the leadership of the Orange County Health Care Agency. Since this initial formation, the members of the OCBFC have been actively engaged in “Making Breastfeeding the Cultural Norm” through progressive and innovative programs and ventures. A few examples of these are: Creation of a non-profit organization (March 2001); Teen Mother Breastfeeding Series; Supporting the Breastfeeding Family programs; Strategic collaborations and partnerships with other local non-profit and governmental organizations; Leading the county-wide efforts at the establishments of milk depots in Orange County that will not only increase the milk donor base for Orange County but also promote the use of pasteurized donor milk in our local hospitals. Physician, Nurses, Nurse Practicioners, International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Lactation Educators, Health Educators, Registered Dieticians, Social Workers, Breastpump Manufacturers, Stay-At-Home Moms, Teachers, and Lawyers represent a small sampling of who makes up the membership at the OCBFC. Each brings to the organization a unique talent and perspecitve that allows us the freedom to see that the path to making breastfeeding cultural norm is not a straight line. We like that! To become a member, just download a copy of our membership brochure, or sign up via Click and Pledge here, and you are on your way.

**Meetings are the third Thursday of the month.  Check out our calendar for more info.**