Christine Betzold Secure Funding to Study Breastfeeding Medicine and Its Impact on Mothers and Premature Infants! 

Recently, the OCBFC received an $8200 dollar grant to do a research project in collaboration with UCI. It will provide breastfeeding medicine and lactation consultant care to mothers with preemie infants 30-36 weeks early. This pilot program will enrolled about 60 mothers; 30 in the intervention and 30 in the control. The control group mothers will received standard care while the intervention will receive care by a specially trained IBCLC and NP. The provider will be contacting mothers while their infants are hospitalized and then see the dyad weekly in the outpatient clinic until the baby is exclusively breastfed and thriving. Breastfeeding outcomes, exclusivity and duration, will be evaluated for 6 months. Milk supply will be evaluated at discharge and data on frequency of maternal complications will also be collected.